Here is what some of the families have said about Andrew

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for Grandad's service yesterday. We all felt it was the best send off for him we could have had and your words really made it. Michelle Dent, Norfolk (June 2021)

We would Like to thank you for your ceremony yesterday. It was absolutely lovely and the way you read your script was perfect. It got out what a loving and wonderful woman Val was, so thank you very much. Kelly Perry, Suffolk (June 2021)

Thank you for the script and, more than ever, thank you for taking the service for us. It was absolutely brilliant and covered so much of his life. It was said in a way that instead of being sad it made us smile remembering all the things he had done in his lifetime. He certainly was a character who  will never be forgotten, and thank you for wearing the flat cap. Irene Carter, Suffolk (May 2021)

Thank you Andrew, it was a great send off. Everything in the right place at the right time. Everyone complemented on what a lovely send off. Thank you once again, much appreciated. Julie Bailey, Norfolk (May 2021)

Thank you so much for the wonderful service that you provided. It didn’t feel doom and gloom at all.. John would’ve liked that! Karen Hayes, Suffolk (May 2021)

I wanted to say thank you for all that you and the team did to make Dot's recent funeral go so well. Thank you so much for your help as I know it meant so much to Claire & Me that everything went smoothly and you certainly ensured that it did for us. Paul Hyam, Norfolk (April 2021)

On behalf of my family, we would like to say thank you for all your hard work in leading my dad's funeral service. It was a beautiful service and one that summed him up perfectly. Ellen Murphy, Norfolk (April 2021)

Thank you very much for leading the service for Daphne this morning. Everyone said what a lovely funeral it was. Jane Timmis, Suffolk (April 2021)

Andrew, thank you ever so much for delivering such a beautiful service and for the extra miles you went to help tailor the service to our requirements. Our family are very grateful that you were able to recommend Pastor Edmond to translate the eulogy into Cantonese and your time in making it possible to play Dad's favoured pieces of Chinese music. Your enthusiasm to take part in the Chinese ritual was much appreciate also. Raymond Lau, Suffolk (April 2021)

We would just like to say a very big thank you for your kindness and understanding in arranging Mum and Dad's funeral services. You showed great compassion in a very difficult time for us. Everyone said they were both lovely services, and that you had told their life stories perfectly. Once again Thank you very much. Alan and Valerie Baxter, Suffolk (April 2021)

Dear Andrew, I was congratulated for doing a good job on the service, with your help. It was noticed that you seemed to care as if you had known Uncle Bill. Linda Westwood, Suffolk (April 2021)

Andrew I must say thank you for your lovely service and I could not wish for any more it was lovely to hear all the lovely comments for Robin. June Andrews, Suffolk (April 2021)

I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous service today at Colin's funeral. It was spot on and I know he would have been happy with it too, especially the Queen at the end! Jenny Early, Suffolk (April 2021)

We do want to say a big thank to you for making our final farewell to Brian such a success. We feel satisfied that we have given him the best send-off we could and we could not have achieved this without your help and advice. We have received very positive feedback from those of Brian’s friends who viewed the service online. Finally, thank you for making such sensitive choices with the music: all the pieces were so appropriate and well-chosen for Brian. The whole service was a great tribute to a very dear friend, who will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. Maggie, Graham & Sue, Cambridgeshire (April 2021)

Thank you very much for the wonderful service yesterday, it was lovely. Jan Emmerick, Cambridgeshire (March 2021)

Many thanks for leading Mum's funeral service. Dad and I were very pleased with how it all went. Also, thank you for the printed script you sent me in a folder, what a very nice touch, I have sent a copy to a couple of elderly relatives who couldn't make it to the service, and i think its lovely to keep. It will be nice to hand it down through the generations as well. Melanie Cook, Suffolk (March 2021)

I just wanted to thank you again for such a lovely service. Everyone said how they enjoyed it and what a good job you did. You personalised it to Neil and we had a few chuckles along the way too, which is how I wanted it to be with fond, happy and funny memories too. Heather Farrell, Norfolk (March 2021)

The family and I would like to thank you very much for the excellent way that you lead the service, it made a difficult day a lot easier. Jerry Aldred, Suffolk (March 2021)

Hi Andrew, just to say thanks for an excellent and lighthearted tribute to Mary on Wednesday. This was a simple service, in accordance with Mary’s wishes. Robin Fleckney, Suffolk (March 2021)

Andrew, once again, many thanks for taking Dad's service, you captured the real Jesse. I've spoken to my cousins in Kent who were unable to attend and all said how good the service was. Colin Atkinson, Suffolk (March 2021)

We are both very grateful to you and the Co-op Funeral Service for your efforts at Mum’s funeral yesterday. We were especially grateful for the way that you conducted the service and your sympathetic and meaningful interpretation of the guidance notes that we supplied describing our mum. It was a very sad day for us but the professionalism and care that you took over proceedings was very much appreciated. Martin Taber, Suffolk (March 2021)

Thank you so much for the service yesterday. On such a sad day your kind and inspirational words helped so much. Our journey home was full of laughter of happy memories we have of Lenny. Everyone I spoke to afterwards said what a lovely service it was. Paul Colson, Norfolk (March 2021)

I would highly recommend Andrew as a celebrant. I couldn’t have been more happy with him as our celebrant for my Dad’s funeral. He struck just the right tone and was respectful, gently humorous, calm and kind. He was also extremely helpful and accommodating in our dealings with him at the planning stage. Thank you Andrew. Lynne Forgham, Norfolk (February 2021)

Thanks again for the wonderful service that you conducted, already this morning we’ve had friends getting in touch saying how much they appreciated all your work in making things run so smoothly. We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service that you lead. Ray and Bebe Briggs, Suffolk (February 2021)

Thank you so much for everything yesterday. Everything went smoothly and everyone was very happy with the way the service went. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. Everyone told me what a lovely service it was and I just want to thank you, and everyone involved, for how smoothly and easy you all made it for me to arrange and manage everything in this tricky time, as it has been a bit of a whirlwind! Freddie Hayward, Suffolk (February 2021)

Thank you very much for the way you handled the ceremony today and your kind words. I thought it went very well and Mum would have been pleased I’m sure. Peter Moss, Suffolk (February 2021)

I would like to thank you on behalf of family and friends for the warm hearted way you conducted John's funeral. Celebrating John's life and weaving together all our scripts. Everyone agreed it was a sad but uplifting experience and all the staff were supportive and kind. Other family members appreciated the atmosphere of love and respect as in our minds we became able to ‘let him go’ Rachel Smith, Suffolk (February 2021)

It was great to be able to send the script to someone that wasn't able to attend so they could still read all of the lovely words. Everyone said it was a lovely warm service and many people even learned things they didn't know about Dad. So thank you for making it possible in the end and bringing it all together to make a fitting tribute to Dad, he would have been pleased with it. You have a great tone for your job, gentle and respectful but still able to smile at the funny bits (as some funerals I have been to don't manage to find lightness anywhere and it makes it all so much sadder). So thanks for a great job. Stephanie Charles, Suffolk (February 2021)

Can I say how much we all appreciated the ceremony you took today to recognise the passing of "Uncle John." We all really liked the way you were able to put the emphasis and inflection into the family eulogy. Once again thank you from us all. Bob Jacobs, Suffolk (January 2021)

Hi Andrew, just wanted to thank you so much for Mum's funeral script. It's lovely to be able to look back and read all about it. Also for the butterfly which I shall plant in a pot so that it can be my Mum's memory pot and look forward to the plants popping up every year. What a lovely gift and I appreciate it very much a very kind thought. Jill Fulcher, Suffolk (January 2021)

I wanted to write and thank you for the lovely service this morning.   I was David’s business partner and worked with him for almost 40 years. Your words at the committal were so touching and I did shed some tears.  It was a beautiful service and in light of the times we are living through, it brought more comfort than I could have imagined. Sarah Missing, Suffolk (January 2021)

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for leading the service, it was just right, and we have had loads of positive comments and compliments, both from people who were there and who also joined us on the web. Even our Australian relatives sat up and watched! Nick & Karen Godbold, Suffolk (December 2020)

Just wanted to say, on behalf of my family and I, a massive thank you for today. We all thought you did a wonderful job and got the tone absolutely spot on, we're all extremely grateful. Patrick Cahill, Suffolk (December 2020)

Just had to write to you from the heart to say just how much I, the family and friends, including those with us on the web, so very much appreciated the way you conducted the service with sympathy without reducing everyone to the depths of despair, a rare talent Andrew. Peter, Suffolk (December 2020)

I just wanted to say thank you for Friday. I thought - and everyone else did too - that the service was lovely  and I feel we gave Mum a good send-off, even in this strange Covid world. Your help and guidance throughout the planning process was so helpful and I felt everything was pitched 'just right’. Not easy when everything was planned via email and Zoom. So, big thanks. A sad day, obviously, but a good day also with lots of shared memories. Carol Dutton, Cambridgeshire (December 2020)

I am deeply grateful for the way you conducted the service. As my cousin said ‘it was perfect’ and indeed it seemed that way. The words and music and sentiment summed up Dad perfectly and your care in finding out details of his life and what sort of man he was shone through. Many people commented on how lovely the service was. I like to think Dad was close by and he would have been pleased and proud.
I particularly valued your comments on how we can keep remembering him by talking about him and that we would see elements of my Dad in other family members looks, words and actions. Lindsey Turnbull, Suffolk (December 2020)

Everyone, to whom Judy and I have spoken, agreed that you led the service very sensitively.  It was very appropriate and ‘just John’.  We all feel that he would have approved and smiled if he could have been there (and I like to think that, in some sense, he was). Isobel Mottram, Suffolk (December 2020)

Thanks for giving John such an excellent send off. The funeral was just his style and both my daughters thought it couldn’t have been better.  My husband and I thought it poignant and moving but with the fun and lightness that John aspired to. You incorporated my sister's and my own thoughts and wishes extremely well and gave wise advise when we needed it. Judy Dawson, Suffolk (December 2020)

It was a pleasure to have had you involved with Mum’s funeral. You thoughtfully conducted the kind of service that celebrated the life and provided a fitting final tribute to my mum. Thank you again for all your help, suggestions and guidance in making Mum’s service a memorable experience. Steve C, Norfolk (November 2020)

I just want to say how wonderful a tribute to my wife you performed yesterday. Everyone agreed it was a wonderful service including many online. Thank you again, my friend, from the bottom of my heart. I know Emma would have loved it. Alex Limpus, Suffolk (November 2020)

Thank you for yesterday, it went just how I imagined and I am very grateful for your part in Dad's service. Clare Haworth, Suffolk (November 2020)

I just want to thank you very much indeed for leading the service last Monday for Mum. It was a beautiful service and, I think, it did Mum proud and reflected her well. Thank you for all your efforts. Jon Wendell, Suffolk (October 2020)

I wanted to say thank you for  such a well-delivered and uplifting tribute to my brother Steve on Fri 23 Oct 2020. Helen Peters, Cambridgeshire (October 2020)

We all felt that the service was a perfect reflection of Dad's life yesterday and a lot of that was down to your sensitive delivery and the way that you captured him so well, thank you. Someone said, 'it felt like Andrew knew Dad, it was like he was a member of the family and shared the love and memories we had for him on the day'. Be Laursen, Suffolk (October 2020)

All concerned pass on their appreciation to you, your calm and steadying presence in the background during the worst possible crisis for immediate relatives is admirable to say the least. For myself, being one step away trying to keep the event progressed amid the emotion and detail, knowing someone else was there when needed was very reassuring. Alistair Moore, Suffolk (September 2020)

Thank you so much for the copy of the script used in the celebration of my brother Wally's life. I will share it with other family members. All the family were saying you were excellent, It was a beautiful service and a very fitting tribute to Wally. Thank you very much indeed. Margaret Sutton, Suffolk (September 2020)

 Thank you so very much for the copy of the script used in the celebration of my husband’s life.  It is very important to me and how much Gerry meant to me. May I thank you for quietly keeping us all on track and your introduction and conclusion were perfect.  It was a day I dreaded, but actually hold very dear and was very much in keeping with the person Gerry was. Jill Franklin, Suffolk (September 2020)

I just wanted to drop you a brief line to thank you for Friday.  I know I can speak for all my family in saying that you did a fabulous job and we were all very pleased how everything went. Ellis Gee Suffolk (September 2020)

On behalf of the family, I would like to thank you for the beautiful service you conducted for David Burgess. It has been a difficult time for everyone but we all agreed that the service was a very fitting tribute to David. Sarah Baker , Suffolk (August 2020)

Thank you so much for today Andrew. With so little information, you performed miracles. Mark Griffiths, Suffolk (August 2020)

Thank you Andrew it was wonderful and can’t thank you enough, we think you did Mum proud and now I can finally grieve and can see all the wonderful memories. Wendy Loveridge, Suffolk (August 2020)

As I said today, many thanks for leading the service and the words that were said, that Dawn and I could not say, to show how we felt for the love of our son, Danny bringing comfort to all . I am sure that what was said will bring comfort later, in the days ahead for all. Colin Marsland, Suffolk (July 2020)

Thank you so much for conducting the service this morning and reading our chosen pieces so beautifully. We felt very well looked after and the service, even just for four of us, was perfect and just right under your direction. Anna Wolfenden, Suffolk (July 2020)

Andrew thank you so much, you were brilliant and made a very difficult half hour for us all, shine. We had a wake and you were mentioned a lot, across the board everyone was in agreement. Great job, well done 👍 John Wells, Suffolk (July 2020)

A huge thank you for yesterday - it was a lovely, personal, weepy at times (not unexpected) service, which I think, and hope, was set just right.  I did manage to listen to everything you said, I tried really hard 😀and I love the mosaic idea.  Carol Hobson, Cambridgeshire (July 2020)

Just want to say a big "Thank You" for your excellent work helping to put Pauline's funeral service together.  Although we were only able to have a small number of people there because of the Covid-19 restrictions, everyone was very pleased with the content and presentation.  Your attention to detail was much appreciated and the collated service details you sent me afterwards have been very useful to send on to those who were unable to attend. Lesley Webdale, Norfolk (June 2020)

A very big thank you for your role in Mum's funeral.  We all felt that somehow you knew her. It was a true, family occasion and I particularly liked the idea of mosaic memories; pieces  being put together and in time making a larger picture. That was inspirational.  There were tears but I think that good memories and quiet laughter made it a happy experience for us all. Susan Lewsey, Cambridgeshire (June 2020)

After losing my aunt during the easing of lockdown, we were only allowed a small ceremony for 10 people by the graveside. Andrew gave a wonderful service showing the right balance of compassion without being too sentimental. This summed my aunt up perfectly! It's never easy making the right choice for this type of event however, if you're looking for a celebrant that can portray the deceased in their true light, then Andrew's your man! Trevor Ilott, Norfolk (June 2020)

Thank you once more for the wonderful picture of Dad’s life that you told, all the family were very pleased with the whole service it really was excellent.
Steve Brady, Suffolk (June 2020)

Thanks very much for today, with your help we got through what was a very difficult time for us all. Your kind choice of words did Mum proud and the little touches of humour helped us all laugh as well as cry.
We appreciate your help in planning the ceremony and your words of advice. We all thought the day went well giving Mum a dignified and respectful send off. Thanks again very much.
Darrell Newman, Suffolk (June 2020)

We would like to thank you so much for such a beautiful service for our mum.  Everyone commented on how lovely the service was.
Once again thank you so much.
Lucy Antliff, Suffolk (June 2020)