What kind of services am I able to lead? The answer simply is almost any. The more appropriate question might be where can I lead a service? Apart from some churches where you require to be ordained to take services I can take them anywhere.

Traditionally funerals have taken place in churches, cemetery chapels, crematorium chapels or at the graveside and this is still, very much, where the majority of them do still take place and I am able to fulfil the role of celebrant in each of these places.

As the type of service seems to be changing quite drastically these days though so does the idea of where you can hold a service. I have been involved in services in people's homes, village halls and even at sea but legally they can take place wherever is special or convenient for you, so long as the owner of that property or land is in agreement.

Therefore, if you are a keen golfer is there a possibility that you could have your funeral service in your local golf club where you were an active member? If not a full service with the coffin present, why not have a memorial service there? I am sure he thinks I am joking (but I am not) but I have always said that I would like mine to be in the marquee which stands on my friend's meadow. We were the first to have a wedding reception there so why not a funeral? You might be a regular at your local public house and they would be only too happy to have a service there.

I have got the equipment to take services where you want them and to add music to them. For that village hall or room that is not set up for such a thing I have a lectern with its own amp and microphone that I can play music through. For gravesides the use of bluetooth speakers mean we can have good quality sound outdoors. I can also record the service on my voice recorder, which can then be downloaded and sent after the service to anyone.

The service itself can be a memorial service following a committal either on the same day or a determined time afterwards. Many people prefer the idea of having the committal (the act of burial or cremation) just being a private occasion but allowing a more public celebration at a different time often on the same day. I am able to help with either of those ideas.

The other form of committal is often when you have decided on the final resting place for a person's ashes. This could be a burial in a churchyard or cemetery or even on private land, at sea, etc. How about making that time special by having someone present to guide that occasion.

Some people want to start planning their own service in advance so they can decide now what will happen at their own funeral. Funeral Directors can advise you on pre-payment plans but if you would like someone to sit with you and discus what you would like, what options there are, give you some ideas then please contact me.