Other Personalisation

How else can you make the funeral of your loved one unique? The answer is anyway you like, it comes down to the uniqueness of the individual. 

It is very common, nowadays, to ask people to dress a certain way or to wear a certain colour,  perhaps the deceased’s favourite colour or their sports team’s colours, for instance. A lot of people just ask that no one wears black, but I have conducted a funeral in a muppet t-shirt, shorts and sandals before, yet I have also purchased an England cricket tie for one funeral. 

Instead of recorded music, why not live music. I have had everything from bagpipes to guitar players / singers, flutist, bands, solo singers and, of course buglers.

One area that has seen a lot of growth since I have worked in the funeral industry is that of environmentally friendly funerals or green funerals. This can be organised in various ways from offsetting the carbon footprint to natural burial sites and electric vehicles.

I have seen some great personalisation of funerals including different hearses (Land Rover, motorcycle, horse drawn), corteges of motorcycles or bicycles and even a helicopter fly pass.

It is also common to see photographs of the person at the service. These can be placed where people enter or exit the venue or near the front.  It can also be displayed on a screen. Most crematoriums, now, have the option to set up a slideshow of photographs on their screen(s) or have one on show all through the service. A slideshow can either run throughout the service or be set to music for a time of reflection. If you are not in a venue that offers this, I have my own screen and projector and am able to do the same thing.

The lighting of candles has been, for a long time, a symbol of remembrance and this can be done either at the beginning of the service or as part of the ceremony or farewell. Likewise, the placing of individual flowers on the coffin or in the grave by individuals during or after the service is a well-loved idea. Flowers can form their own tribute and designs can be made of just about anything that was special to that person.

The sight of a dove being released is a beautiful picture and can be done at the graveside or outside the crematorium, following the service. 

Was the deceased an artist, then use their art on the service sheet or display it at the venue. I’ve even seen a crossword on the back of the service sheet for the mourners to finish later!

I am also able to help you to arrange other things too, such as extra amplification for people outside a venue if large numbers are expected, recording of the funeral and possibly the live casting of the event. It might also mean having an extended time at the crematorium,  you will be surprised what is possible.

One thing is for sure, there is no need, anymore, to say we have to have this or that in a service but ask what shall we have? My aim is to help you create a unique celebration for a unique life.