Here is an example of some of the poems used on funerals. Most can easily be found online but if you wish me to I can share them with you. There are many more.

Popular Pieces

You Can Shed Tears by David Harkins

Death Is Nothing At All by Henry Scott Holland

I’ve Come To The End of Life’s Busy Road by Maude Harford

God Looked Around His Garden by Katie Evans

Miss Me But Let Me Go by Glyn Shipton

One At rest (Anon)

I’m There Inside Your Heart by Rushifurus Angel

Not How Did They Die (Anon)

Afterglow (Anon)

Footprints (Anon)

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weap by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Think Of Me As One At rest (Anon)

The Ship by Charles Henry Brent

Feel No Guilt In Laughter (Anon)

If I Should Go by Joyce Grenfell

The Fallen Limb (Anon)

Remember by Christina Rosetti

Death Is Not The End by Peter Tatchell

The Dash by Linda Ellis

Instructions by Arnold Compton

Come To Me (Anon)

I Thought Of You With Love (Anon)

For Males

Happy The Man by John Dryden

For Females

The Plan Of The Master Weaver by Benjamin Malachi Franklin

When I’m An Old Woman, I’m Going To Wear Purple by Jenny Joseph

For Parents

Mother’s Hands by Marian Jones

If Flowers Grow In Heaven by Dolores M Garcia

If Ever There’s Tomorrow (Christopher Robin to Winnie The Pooh) by A.A. Milne

Final Passage of The Chronicles of Narnia (From The Last Battle) by C.S. Lewis

For Children and Young People

Too Soon by Mary Yarnall

Angel by F. Kondis

Epitaph Of A Child by Thomas Gray

Fairy Castle (Anon)

If Tears Could Build A Stairway (Anon)

The Little Snowdrop (Anon)

An Angel Wrote In The Book Of Life (Anon)

Famous People's

Crossing The Bar by Alfred Lord Tennyson

If by Rudyard Kipling

On A Friend by Robert Burns

An Individual Human Existence by Bertrand Russell

Summum Bonum by Robert Browning

Our revels, now are ended (from The Tempest) by William Shakespeare

Regret Not Me by Thomas Hardy

For Whom The Bell Tolls by John Donne

Farewell To Thee by Anne Bronte

Requiem by Louis Stevenson

The True Joy Of Life by George Bernard Shaw


4th Stanza from The Fallen by Laurence Binyon

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Four Candles (Anon)

Woodland Burials

Woodland Burial by Pam Ayres

For Those Laid To Rest Here by Fran Hall

Don’t Leave A Wooden Cross by Roger Gale

At Sea

Sea Fever by John Masefield

The Full Sea by William Ernest Henley

Alone, I Will Not Be by Capt. Chas Theesfeld


Scatter My Ashes To The Wind (Anon)

Part of Time (Anon)